There are lots of different facets to Giulianova that will probably surprise you: it’s the ideal beach resort, but will also delight those who prefer a mountain holiday. It’s great for a relaxing getaway or trying out new sports; foodies will love it, and so will anyone who likes to wander around new places and discover hidden historical treasures.

What does Giulianova have to offer? A golden beach beside a clear blue sea where you can sit and relax, the scent of maritime pines and oleanders along the promenade, seafood delicacies in the restaurants and bars where you can sample the traditional delights of Giulianova cuisine, and lots more besides.

When you come to Abruzzo for a holiday, you’re choosing a region where nature is still the main attraction: the seaside resort of Giulianova caters mainly for visitors, and eco-tourists in particular. Dozens of welcoming establishments have sprung up in the area that stretches from the national parks of Abruzzo to the Adriatic coast, in complete harmony with the beaches and unspoilt corners. Here you can relax and enjoy the breath-taking views, or treat yourself to a traditional lunch or dinner made with local produce in the classic tradition, which is still so much in evidence in Abruzzo.

Giulianova alta di notteThe beach at Giulianova Lido is known as one of the seven sisters – the pearls that nestle along the coast, as are the tourist resorts in the province of Teramo. Stretching almost two kilometres along the coast, there’s a promenade and cycle track running the entire length. Leave the hectic and stressful pace of the city behind and come to Giulianova, where you’ll find a warm welcome and a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Take a stroll through the streets in town and see the monuments and magnificent historic buildings, like the Cathedral of San Flaviano, that bear witness to the lives of great men and women who lived here in times gone by, then down to the seafront to breathe in the perfumed air mingling with the aromas of traditional Giulianova recipes being prepared in traditional restaurants, where treasures from the sea are to be found on the menu every day.

The local area

Seaside resorts are normally chosen for a relaxing beach holiday, but Giulianova has so much more to offer than just the beach. It’s surrounded by the magnificent natural parks of Abruzzo, including the Gran Sasso and Majella national parks nearby. There are also fabulous grottos to visit with their amazing rock and limestone formations, such as the “Grotta del Cavallone” that Gabriele d’Annunzio immortalised in his poems.

Sporting holidays

Not everyone has the same idea of what constitutes the perfect holiday. Some want to totally relax and unwind, while others just can’t sit still, even when they’re on holiday. Sports enthusiasts will find facilities in Giulianova for all kinds of team sports, such as basketball and 5-a-side football, along with facilities for tennis, bowling, mini golf and ice skating, and schools for surfing, windsurfing, deep-sea and underwater fishing. Giulianova is an exciting and motivating place to come for groups of friends and sporting holidays.

How to get to Giulianova

The coastal town of Giulianova is easily accessible by car from the A14 motorway, or by public transport. There’s also a train station, and Pescara airport is less than an hour away, with inexpensive flights from a variety of places in Italy and abroad. Giulianova also has a working marina.

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